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Blair Sheard

Blair graduated from the University of Queensland in 2010. She researched into the connections of the neck and shoulder to complete her first-class honours degree. Since then she has been furthering her education in the lower back, hip and pelvis and has worked closely with Lesley and at Hip Sport Spine Physiotherapy since early 2014.

As Blair now resides at Bell, she divides her time between working at Hip Sport Spine Physiotherapy and Dalby.  A vast majority of the work Blair does is post-op rehabilitation, which is one of her main roles as a rural physiotherapist. Additionally, like Lesley and Stephanie, she spends some time focusing on the equestrian athlete and the horse, working on biomechanics and the flow on effect of rider onto horse and vice versa.

Blair is married to a farmer so she also lives and works on a property and has a keen interest in this area. She has insight into the functional tasks required of farmers and their workers and the specific return to work programs that are required within the agricultural sector.

Blair Sheard Racing HorseBlair spends her free time training a young horse, and if you can’t find her riding, it is because she is out running.