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Additional Services

Mental Wellness

Nicole is the new Mental Wellness practitioner – whether you have had to deal with your pain or disability for a long time, or have a more recent injury, it is often useful to talk to someone about your concerns. This is true for when your symptoms have altered your lifestyle, or if life events have been in any way related to your symptoms.

Nicole has worked in the areas of mental health, trauma recovery, domestic violence, youth justice, complex and extreme behaviours, suicide prevention and intervention, and child protection. She has a passion for supporting women and youth going through challenging life events, whether it relates to health and wellbeing or psychological concerns. Nicole is a Trauma-Informed Care Trainer, who also provides counseling, therapeutic guidance and behavioural strategies for parents and caregivers caring for children with trauma and/or behavioural difficulties. 

Nicole has developed professional and therapeutic skills and techniques that will assist people in overcoming barriers so they can reach their full potential.

The Run Project

As our clinic helps many athletes with their injuries in prevention and treatment, we are pleased to be able to tap into the services of Brett Jones and his running programme, now in Toowoomba.

  • Do you want  to improve your running technique?
  • Increase your running speed?
  • Run faster for longer?
  • Reduce your running related injuries?
  • Need help with your rehabilitation and return to run/sport program?
  • Better prepare for events?
  • Improve team sport fitness, speed, footwork, agility and acceleration?

The Run Project uniquely combines biomechanical and functional movement analysis with 30 years experience coaching elites athletes. The Run Project can assist you to create the changes you need to improve your running.

Brett Jones is a degree educated, professional coach and sport scientist, with a breadth of experience and success across a 30 year career in high performance sport. He has coached at World, Paralympic, Commonwealth and national level. Brett has worked with the Wallabies, the Cowboys, the Brisbane Broncos, National netballers, Australian and European handballers, WSL surfers, National hockey and 7’s player and coached over 12 Paralympic World Records.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.