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Athlete Assessment

The physiotherapists at Hip Sport Spine Physiotherapy understand what it takes to be active, and have experienced injuries themselves. Lesley is an experienced triathlete with 5 Ironman triathlons under her belt, so understands what is take to swim, ride and run. Stephanie has experience as an athlete and coach in trampoline gymnastics and has enjoyed skiing, sailing, hockey and gymnastics herself. Joe has played competitive squash, basketball and football over the years. He also works with competition dances at his partners local dance studio.

The physiotherapists can use real-time ultrasound to assess the extent of muscle and soft tissue injury, and can monitor the process of healing using the real-time ultrasound so that the physiotherapist and the athlete know when its safe to return to sport. The physios use various modalities to treat the injury and maximise healing. They also use kinesiology tape in rehabilitation of sporting injuries.

Along with managing the injuries that these athletes develop through their hours of training, the physiotherapists can provide advice regarding injury prevention with appropriate stretches and sport specific strengthening. They can also give advice re balancing a training lifestyle with work and family.