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HSS Physio BikeFit

Riding your bike shouldn’t be painful!  Hip Sport Spine offers a unique approach to bike fit that suits the recreational to professional cyclist.  We can get have you and your bike set up so that you can ride better, faster, more
efficiently. The correct set up may prevent long term injury or address a reoccurring condition .

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Lyndon completing a BikeFit

Our bike fitter is Lyndon Blake, a mountain biker and NCAS accredited Level 2 coach who has completed part of his training at the AIS in Canberra. Not only can he help to make your ride more comfortable, he can also help with skills development too!


HSS Physio Bike Fit differs from other bike fits in that the bike fitter and the physiotherapist combine their skills to create the best environment for the cyclist or triathlete.  Lesley will assess the athlete regarding their biomechanics and pain prior to the bike fit. Pre-existing biomechanical imbalances will be addressed. Lyndon then provides an individualised bike fit for all types of cyclists (triathlete, road, mountain bike, track, time trial, cyclocross). He fits the bike to the individual, not the individual to the bike.

Bike fit includes a follow-up fit/check. Lesley will provide the appropriate advice re strength and flexibility to ensure optimal fit and performance for the cyclist.