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Equestrian Athlete Assessment and Treatment

Lesley and Stephanie have a special interest in the equestrian athlete – their additional qualifications as animal physiotherapists ensure that can assess and treat the horse and the rider. Lesley’s master’s and PhD research into the sacroiliac joint and pelvis places her as an expert in that area of the body in the rider and the horse, and she has imparted her knowledge to Stephanie and the other physiotherapists in the clinic.

The pelvis of the rider is one of the primary points of contact with the horse, and if load transfer and contact through the pelvis is less than optimal, then the rider cannot be in harmony with the horse. This can contribute to performance inhibition in the horse.

Lesley and Stephanie can assess the rider in the clinic at Hip Sport Spine Physiotherapy.  They will provide manual assessment and treatment and advise the rider on stretches, core stability and strategies to help them manage their performance and injuries. If required Lesley and Stephanie can travel to observe the horse and rider in the field or arena.

(See Active Animal Physiotherapy).